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Swinging Doors For Your San Jose Business

What are swinging doors? Essentially, they are just what they sound like; they swing open, rather than rolling up. When you have a business in San Jose, there are many reasons why you may need some form of swinging doors.

San Jose is a ripe with affluence. Thanks to this city being the Capital of Silicon Valley, it has attracted a lot of wealthy individuals who make their money through technology and other innovations, all originating from this part of the country. As a result, it has drawn many top shelf businesses here to provide the nearly 100,000 residents of this former capital of California the products and services that they want and need.

That being stated, does your business need swinging doors?

Most of the time, when we think about swinging doors, we might either think of the old style saloons, but we also think about restaurants. Have you ever been to a restaurant and noticed that the wait staff have to walk in and out through swinging doors that separate the kitchen area from the dining area? These types of doors swing both ways.

There are a number of reasons why swinging doors do this. First, when someone is carrying items, such as plates of food or drinks, or returning dishes to the kitchen, having to open the doors inward to you becomes an inconvenience. Second, it becomes a hazard as well.

Any time that you have to take your hand off something that you’re carrying, it can pose a risk of dropping it, breaking something, or having more trouble than you need. There are certainly some risks involved in having swinging doors that open both ways, but those are issues that each individual restaurant or other business would need to deal with on its own.

You may also notice that when you’re eating out at a nice restaurant that not all of them rely on swinging doors. Some have resorted to keeping an open plan. This could be to allow the patrons of the restaurant to see the kitchen, to feel more comfortable with the kitchen of the food prepping area, or to even see how their food is being prepared.

Open door areas that don’t have any doors in place are also common, especially with restaurant chains. This allows the employees to be able to see around the corner a bit easier and not have any issues with coming in while someone is going out, and vice versa.

If you have a restaurant or other similar service industry business, and you don’t have swinging doors, but you’re wondering if they might be ideal for you and your staff, there are some questions that you’re going to want to ask, not only yourself, but your staff as well.

How to determine if swinging doors are ideal for your San Jose business.

This doesn’t mean that swinging doors are only ideal for San Jose businesses. Not at all. It means that you need to evaluate your business to determine if these types of doors would serve you and your business best. Sometimes the answer will be yes, sometimes it will be no.

First, ask yourself if the employees are going to be using this doorway on a regular basis. If so, then you want to determine why a doorway is necessary there. It might be a fire code that states you must have a closed doorway in this particular area of the building.

That’s fine, so as long as you know that a door is necessary, even if it’s for a fire code, then you know that something is needed there. Next, you want to determine what your employees, or yourself, will tend to have with them while they are walking through this door on a regular basis. Will they have products or items in their hands when they walk out through the door, but not when they come back in? If so, then a swinging door might not be necessary.

However, if you know that people are going to have their hands full coming and going, then you want to make getting through the necessary door as convenient as possible. This is why swinging doors are popular with many restaurants and several other types of businesses throughout San Jose.

Even if you don’t operate a food establishment, swinging doors might be a good option for you and your employees. This could be due to the fact that when you’re constantly on the move, such as if you’re running inventory checks and you have paperwork, a clipboard, or even a computer in your hands, you don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to stop, reach out and turn the knob, just to get through the door. Swinging doors make this process more convenient.

Can these swinging doors be locked? That depends on the type of swinging doors that you choose for your business. Some can be locked, others can only be stopped. The type of swinging doors that you would find in a restaurant can’t be locked, nor can they be stopped from swinging. They are spring loaded and will open when pushed and then swing back closed, rocking back and forth until they settle and stop.

Is this an important factor when you’re searching for the right swinging doors for your business? Absolutely. You may want the convenience that swinging doors offer for your business, but you may also want to be able to seal off the particular area from the main floor, for example. If that’s the case, then you want to look into options where you can lock the doors when it’s quitting time.

Do you have a lot of questions now about swinging doors? That is more common than you might think. If so, then don’t hesitate to call on the experts who can help you understand the benefits of swinging doors, and their potential limitations. Call on Access Commercial Door Company. We’ll help you determine if swinging doors are ideal for your business in the Greater San Jose area.

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