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Did you know that San Jose is now considered a global city? That’s a long way from its earliest days when it was an agricultural city. However, thanks to Silicon Valley and it being in the center of the action, it has grown tremendously through the years. That means that there are far more warehouses now than there were just thirty of forty years ago. That also means that because there are more warehouses today, there is a greater need for the ideal warehouse doors.

What are warehouse doors? These are generally commercial doors that might also be called roll up doors. They will be made of sections that are designed to bend when the doors is rolled up. They could either be like the traditional home garage door and open to a flat, horizontal position or they could roll up just over the warehouse door opening, which would be ideal for warehouses that make use of as much overhead space as possible.

With this type of door, you wouldn’t need to sacrifice all of that horizontal space over the bay, but could build a shelf or another floor to maximize the use of that space.

Now, whenever you’re building a new warehouse or you’re looking to replace some old warehouse doors for your business in San Jose, there are going to be limited choices when it comes to companies that will be able to sell and install the doors that you want.

That’s where Access Commercial Door Company can help. We have been helping companies throughout the greater San Jose region get the ideal warehouse and other doors that they need since 2001. While that might not seem like a long time compared to other business, it’s a sign of strong success and customer service.

We don’t take any job lightly. In fact, no matter what size company you have, we can help. We will sit down with you, meet you at your warehouse, and try to determine what would be the ideal type of doors that you could use right now.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of merchandise or products that leave every day. Maybe you have one or two trucks coming in throughout the week. You wouldn’t need to worry about the constant opening and closing of the doors.

Maybe your current warehouse space is limited and you want to conserve as much space as possible. This is fine. You wouldn’t need to worry too much about that when you rely on roll up doors for your business.

Maybe you’re on a limited budget and don’t want to spend a lot on warehouse doors. Do you understand the importance of these doors and what you could save in the long-term if you invest a bit more in higher quality steel?

Many of us simply don’t know what certain materials in the products that we buy could offer. While we’re in Silicon Valley, let me give you an example of what difference the right products can offer.

Every computer today relies on a processor. Intel is the leader in the industry, through AMD and Athlon have done pretty well for themselves. Pound for pound, though, Intel is the leader of the pack. They generally produce higher quality products that the competition can’t tough, yet. This means that when you rely on a computer system that is going to have the power and allow you to do what you need to have done, you’re going to want an Intel processor.

It’s also more expensive. It’s one reason that these other brands have done well: they fill a void in the market and allow these processors to be less expensive so that the average computer user can afford them, though they won’t get the same quality that you might get from Intel chips.

So when it comes to warehouse doors, does it really matter whether you rely on a less expensive door when you’re not going to be putting them to the test? No. That would be like buying a laptop computer with an inexpensive AMD chip because you’re only going to be doing some basic work on the system, such as going online or checking email and maybe doing some Excel spreadsheet work. Nothing intensive.

However, what if you wanted to do web design or use a graphics intensive program on the system? Then that cheaper processor might not stand the test of time. It might wear out faster or it simply might not allow you to do what you want to do with it.

The same is true when it comes to warehouse doors, believe it or not. When you’re using those doors on a regular, daily basis, the better the door, the longer it’s going to last. The better the door, the easier it will be to open and close. The better the door, the more forgiving it will be to the heavy usage that it receives throughout the day.

Access Commercial Door Company knows everything that there is to know about warehouse doors. We have been helping business owners and managers just like you for years determine what they need to make their warehouse more efficient as well as safer.

Whether you need a basic warehouse door for general purposes, such as loading in new products and materials once a week or even once a month, or that you need it to protect what you have inside better, or it’s going to get daily, hard use, then we can advise you on the best materials to use and the best functions that these doors can offer.

There’s no reason to end up with warehouse doors that are not going to stand up to the test of time or the usage that they get with your employees. Call on Access Commercial Door Company and we will give you honest advice that will allow you the opportunity to make the right decision for your warehouse and the doors that may need to be replaced there.

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