Commercial Metal Doors San Jose

Commercial Metal Doors In San Jose

Do you own a business in the San Jose area? If so, do you have commercial metal doors? Maybe you do, maybe you’re not sure, but in either case, there are some key advantages to having commercial metal doors.

In San Jose, we enjoy some of the best of the best of everything right here. Not only is the weather great almost all year round, but we’re close enough to the ocean to take a family getaway for the day, surf and play in the waves, or head out to the wine country and cruise along the winding roads out there.

We’re used to having the best of things in this city. It’s one of the most affluent cities in the entire country and there’s a good reason for that: we have some of the most innovative minds coming up with some wonderful creations and that can lead to new business ideas coming out all of the time. Even though we have such wonderful businesses and people living in this great city, sometimes we take things for granted too much. Sometimes we simply don’t appreciate the quality of some products or the function of others.

Take commercial doors for example. How many business owners actually understand the importance of their commercial metal doors?

If you were to ask ten different types of business owners about the commercial metal doors that they have, whether protecting their storefront at night or in their warehouse or any other location, they might know the basics. Sure, they are roll up doors. Yes, they have a motor or no, we have to lift the door manually. Absolutely, they offer protection for the entire business.

What does that mean? Are those doors the right ones for that particular company? Are they metal or wood? If they’re metal, are they the right type of metal?

You see, there are many aspects to commercial doors and the metal that is used is only one component, but it’s the one thing that seems to stand out the most. When you have a high use commercial door and it’s made from thin metal, is it going to withstand some serious abuse? What about accidents? Accidents happen all of the time and while you, as the business owner or manager might not be too thrilled when they do, there’s not much that you can do about them after the fact.

Have you ever had someone back into one of those commercial doors? Most likely you’ve had some sort of mishap with them.

What happened? Did it become dented? If so, does that dent now change the ease with which the commercial door can be opened? If so, does that cause you or your employees to avoid opening it unless it’s absolutely necessary? If so, this could be affecting your entire business, even your bottom line. While it might not seem like much of an issue, having the right commercial metals doors can have a big impact on certain businesses.

What are some of the advantages to commercial metal doors?

One of the key advantages of commercial metal doors is strength. However, just because a commercial door is metal, that doesn’t mean that it’s strong. Certain aluminum doors can be quite light and they will be convenient for low use, but they can also be damaged more easily than heavier steel doors.

Commercial metals doors offer a high level of security. When one of these doors are down (closed), is it easy to get into the warehouse or other company area through them? Not if they are locked and sealed. The lock could be a simply pin that slides over and locks it into place. That’s not all that secure for someone who wants to get into the facility. It could also be closed and sealed because of a motor that opens and closes the door. In that case, no one is going to be able to lift open that door.

Could a truck drive through the door? Most likely, yes, with enough force and speed. However, there have been instances across the country where former employees, current employees, and even other criminals have tried to break into warehouses by driving through these doors and the doors withstand the impact. Yes, they become damaged and unable to be opened normally, but they can keep people out who don’t belong inside.

Are there other potential advantages to having metal commercial doors, rather than another type of door? Sure. Your business may be able to save some money on insurance rates, depending on the type of business that you operate and the insurance provider that you use. Having more security is one of the more common factors when it comes to saving money on insurance rates.

What can you do to determine the condition and type of commercial metal doors that you have for your business right now?

If you’re like a lot of business owners, you don’t know a great deal about those commercial doors. You might not know the metal, the quality or durability of it, or much else. Does it matter?

Not too much, thanks to a company like Access Commercial Door Company. We have been helping all levels of commercial businesses protect their assets and gain convenience through the right commercial doors. We have been in business since 2001, are family owned and operated, and can advise you on the type of roll up or other commercial doors that you have right now and whether your company could benefit with a different type of door, heavier door, or whether the current doors that you have are more than enough.

Protecting your assets

What it all boils down to, whether you’re talking about doors for your home or commercial doors for your business is that doors are the key entry points for everyone. With the right doors, you can protect the assets that you have and have built over the years.

When you want the best commercial metal doors for your business in San Jose, call on the leader … call on Access Commercial Door Company.

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